Changes February 13th 2022

- Lottery reward - deposit to in-game balance instead of transferring directly
- Add PUZZLR to pool when redeeming tickets
- Add withdraw all button to dashboard and show in-game balances
- Optimize / cache atomicassets api calls
- Make sold out packs transparent and make button red
- Show time of last lottery draw
- Fix bug in lottery
- Several bug fixes and improvements

Changes February 4th 2022

- puzzle pack with 5pcs added
- adjustments of claims for the promorplanet puzzle
- new puzzle pieces are transferred from a pool instead of being minted which saves a lot of CPU 
- visual tuning for token purchases as well as the pool 
- caching of API calls and responses
- puzzlr.app Promotion for the very last 25 pcs Packs "Collector Box"
- Additional 5% OFF when purchase a Collector Box with Tokens (10% in total)
- cooldown timer added for claimed puzzles 
- puzzlr tokens added for purchasing Packs
- various bug fixes and improvements

Changes January 12th 2022

- splash screen on page load/reload
- warning screen when using a wild piece
- add commas in buy pack modal dropdown
- swap dialog show ? instead of NaN if mint not available yet
- fix calculation of pack prices
- cpu message in error dialog
- fix endless loading bubbles (add timeout)

Initial Launch - January 9th 2022

- promoRPlanet Puzzle 
- Multiple Pack Opening
- Display multiple pieces of a pack counting together
- Highlight only opened Pieces on the Puzzle
- Reset Highlights
- Show amount of owned pieces directly on the Puzzle
- Claim multiple finished Puzzles
- Referal system active with 5% PUZZLR of each Pack purchase
- Piece Swap
- Raffle Ticket System for Weekly Lottery
- Pack Purchase with WAXP, Aether, Waxon, Wecanite, Caponium or Enefterium
- 5% OFF when buying with rPlanet Tokens
- The price of packs is updated every minute based on the last sale price of tokens on Alcor
- Wild Piece integrated when you missing the last piece for a puzzle

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