🤝Tokenomics Goal

Working together to win - purchase Packs with tokens

The tokenomics goal refers to the foundation of the various tokens on the WAX Blockchain.

The goal of puzzlr.app is to strengthen the economics of tokens on the WAX Blockchain and to make them more stable in the long run.

By purchasing a project-based Puzzle Pack with tokens, puzzlr provides another utility for the used token and as a result helps to stabilize the tokens economy.

Example: AETHER is the base token for the project rplanet.io and for this project users can purchase their Puzzle Packs with this token. Since rPlanet.io not only uses the AETHER token, but also other tokens for building robots (Enefterium, Wecanite, Caponium and Waxon) these tokens can also be used for purchasing Puzzle Packs.

When claiming a Puzzle NFT with a Rarity of Rare or higher, the tokens are again distributed to the users. Additionally in the Weekly Lotteries, users have a chance to win these tokens as prizes. Each token has its own pool and will be distributed according to the placements in the lottery draw.

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