The PUZZLR-Token is the internal Token on puzzlr.app. With every purchase of a pack, both with WAXP and Tokens of a project PUZZLR-Tokens are generated.

With each purchase, 5% of the purchase value of a pack is generated additionally to the user and also 5% is added to the puzzle pool for the specific project.

Usecase for PUZZLR Tokens

PUZZLR tokens are primarily used to upgrade puzzle pieces of a puzzle. The PUZZLR tokens serve as a fee for the Piece Swap and are adjusted according to the rarity that is being swapped. PUZZLR tokens are also available on the ALCOR Exchange.

In the future, puzzlr.app - internal puzzles will be released that also have packs for puzzle pieces that are then purchasable with PUZZLR-Tokens. (The pool for puzzlr internal puzzles will then be filled for all projects).

Trade PUZZLR-Tokens on Exchanges

Our Token PUZZLR can be traded on the following Exchanges:

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