Claim Puzzles

Claim puzzles and get the corresponding NFT

When you claim puzzles, the puzzle pieces are burned and an NFT corresponding to the rarity is credited to your account. Each puzzle has its own rarities and tickets.

Claimed puzzles are NFTs and usable.

For example, if you own an Uncommon Puzzle NFT and want to use it for a Rare Puzzle, you need the Rare Puzzle pieces to claim it. Completed puzzles can be traded as NFTs.

In this example I can claim a Common AND an Uncommon Puzzle because I own the puzzle pieces for them. To claim the Rare Puzzle I need 4 more puzzle pieces to claim it. If I have the last puzzle pieces for my Rare Puzzle I can claim the Rare Puzzle and get the complete Rare Puzzle as NFT (which is needed for the Epic Puzzle), the prize pool of the Rare pool at the time of claiming AND the Rare Raffle Ticket, which can be used for the weekly lottery or is tradeable on the market.

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