What is puzzlr.app?

The first crosschain Collect + Earn NFT platform on the WAX Blockchain.

puzzlr.app - the place for your puzzlr NFTs

puzzlr.app Collect + Earn NFT's with Tokens
puzzlr is a Collect + Earn project on the Hive and WAX Blockchain. Games and projects like r-Planet offer in-game tokens which can be used to buy Packs on puzzlr.app and as a result influence the price economy of the tokens.
When buying a Pack, the tokens go into a pool and a portion of the pool is rewarded whenever a Rare, Epic or Legendary Puzzle is claimed.
If you have collected all Common Puzzle Pieces, you can claim a Common Puzzle NFT and start completing the Uncommon Puzzle. Whenever claiming a Puzzle you will get a raffle ticket, which can be used in the weekly lottery. The more tickets you redeem, the higher your chances for winning a big prize.
When you claim a Rare, Epic or Legendary Puzzle, besides getting the Puzzle NFT, you will also receive a share of the pool, depending on the claimed Rarity and the size of the pool at the time of claiming.
Last modified 2yr ago